Scar Revison

There are many types of scars of the skin, including scars from injuries, surgery, and various abnormal processes in the skin. When these scars heal in a less than optimal fashion many procedures are available to improve their final appearance.

A scar may be excised and then closed with sutures to improve the final appearance. Others may be improved with dermabrasion or “sanding” to smooth uneven contours, or with incising (cutting) bands of scar tissue underneath a scar to release it. If a scar is thickened and raised above the skin surface it may be injected with a steroid to flatten it. Injecting materials below the scar to elevate the surface may raise a depressed scar. Different scars are treated in different ways, and at times combinations of treatments may be used. As with any wound, the skin heals following scar revision over a period of time, up to six months, after which additional treatment may be undertaken if necessary.

These procedures are all done in the office, using local anesthesia when indicated. Although treatment of certain scars may be covered by insurance, other treatments are considered cosmetic. Your physician can discuss this with you at the time of your consultation.