Our practice includes a CLIA Certified dermatopathology laboratory on site. Interpretation of skin biopsy specimens is a component of the diagnostic process. Accurate diagnoses and the best interests of our patients are supported by the training and expertise of our two dermatopathologists, Dr. James Zalla and Dr. Sabra Abner.

This assures optimal patient care through timely and accurate diagnoses of a variety of skin conditions including skin cancer. Having two dermatopathologists on site allows for convenient second opinions. Unexpected findings can be further studied with deeper specimen recuts in our office lab. When desired, additional consultative opinions or special stains are requested with outside dermatopathology colleagues to insure diagnostic reliability in more complex cases of melanocytic atypia, lymphomas, or unusual tumors.

Clinical pathologic correlation in dermatopathology is essential for generating the most accurate histopathologic diagnosis. In our office setting the immediate availability of clinical data from the patient’s medical record, including clinical photographs, allows convenient correlation of the clinical presentation with the histology.

The availability of our office based dermatopathology lab also complements our more cost effective office surgery for skin cancer, melanoma, and other lesions.